Sunday, August 14, 2005


Twenty five years ago today, Polish trade union advocate and self-professed revolutionary Lech Walensa scaled the walls of the Lenin shipyard in Gdansk to lead the striking workers of Solidarity against the repressive Marxist-Leninist Polish government. Ten years later, Walensa became the first freely elected president of Poland in half a century.
What advice does Walensa have for aspiring democrats and the advocates of freedom today? In an interview reported by the BBC, “the former leader of the Solidarity movement in Poland has said he would support a people’s revolution in neighbouring Belarus.”
Belarus, the last European refuge of unreconstructed Communist repression, ruled with an iron fist by Alexander Lukashenko, cries out for change. “Walesa says he would support a revolution there, similar to those which have taken place in Ukraine and Georgia.” So should we.


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