Monday, August 29, 2005

Adversarial Proceedings

“In the 2000 election cycle, according to data from the National Election Study produced at the University of Michigan, 34 percent of people with advanced degrees and 44 percent of those earning $95,000 to $200,000 gave exclusively to Democratic candidates. For law professors, the new study finds, it was 78 percent.”
Under the rubric of “Confirmations of What You Already Knew”, a new study to be published in the Georgetown Law Journal this fall “analyzes 11 years of records reflecting federal campaign contributions by professors at the top 21 law schools as ranked by US News & World Report. Almost a third of these law professors contribute to campaigns, but of them, the study finds, 81 percent who contributed $200 or more gave wholly or mostly to Democrats; 15 percent gave wholly or mostly to Republicans.” As the New York Times’ Adam Liptak reports, the bias is even more skewed at the most “elite” levels, with 91 percent of Harvard professors, 92 percent at Yale, and 94 percent at Stanford hewing the leftist line.
As Liptak notes unsurprisingly, “whatever may be said about particular schools and students, professors and deans of all political persuasions agreed that the studies findings are undeniable.”


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